Where Art & Life Meet is written by artist, designer and writer, Ariane Zurcher. WA&LM is a blog about art, creativity, design and how life informs it all.

18 Kt Brushed Gold & Assorted Gemstone Necklace
E177 copy
18 Kt Brushed Gold & Paraiba

4 thoughts on “About

  1. I use my die cutting machine with ultrasuede for small details such as flowers or small shapes that would not be easy to needle turn. The contrast texture with wool is delightful. I have a small heart heart die that works great . I appliqué in the edge so there is no stitching that shows-/just floats on the surface.
    Also have had black cats so really am delighted when Merlin sneaks into your videos.

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  2. Hello! I stumbled into your great videos for lefthanders stitches on youtube.. marvelous!! Thank you, hope to learn a lot of great things, well I am sure I will thanks to you! 😀 I had a lot of headache trying to “reverse” the instructions for lefthanders… thanks again!

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