Vaccinations & Silk Cocoons

First things first. There are just TWO spots left for my Dorset Buttons Gone Wild Workshop on Saturday, March 20th. So if you want to reserve a space, you’ll need to let me know right away!

For those of you who watched my livestream the other day, you’ll know what happened when I cut into that silk cocoon. It was one of those moments when words failed me. 😳

However it was fun to stitch with and if I had more of them I would certainly add them to other things I’m working on.

Half a Silk Cocoon with beads and French Knots.

In other news I received my FIRST vaccine dose and am So relieved. I had them give me a shot in my right arm and then immediately iced it. Other than very slight, almost imperceptible soreness, I felt some mild dizziness and loss of appetite, but truthfully if I hadn’t been hyper aware of how I was feeling, I wouldn’t have noticed. I will be fully vaccinated by mid April! I cannot wait and am beyond excited.

It will be in the 60’s today here in New York City, so I may have to break my routine and go for a little walk later! I am wishing all of you a beautiful Thursday! ❤️

4 thoughts on “Vaccinations & Silk Cocoons

  1. Good for you on getting your first vaccination. Doesn’t take a huge weight off! I’m getting my second shot on Wednesday. I misunderstood when you announced your tutorial, but watched it in case I ever come across the cocoons. I have the silk hankies and haven’t figured out what to do with them. Is that another challenge, tee hee.

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    1. It is such a huge weight off. I was a little surprised at just how relieved I felt. The stress of living in such a populated city where the pandemic hit early and hard has been enormous and the relief is beyond measure. How wonderful that you’re getting your final shot next week. That’s wonderful!
      I did a livestream where I used those silk hankies in the same way you might use wool roving. I punched it into my piece and really loved how it turned out. And yes, definitely another “Challenge”! ❤️


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