A Stitching Book: Tell Me What YOU Want to See

I’m working on a Left-Handed Stitching book. It’s a HUGE project, but I’m determined and am taking it one small stitch at a time. Yesterday I was working on a Threaded Backstitch and so I began to stitch on a piece of linen that I whipstitched some wool shapes onto. Once I had done one example of the Threaded Backstitch, I decided to go ahead and do a Double Threaded Backstitch. And once that was finished I thought – well wouldn’t it be fun to do a couple more, one below the other?! Do you see what I’m having to deal with here? After I finished doing those, the gap between the Double Threaded Backstitches seemed to be calling out for a little something, so I did what anyone would do, and found some beautiful Stef Francis Silk Chenille and decided it was perfect to Couch. Swoon. And then there was a tiny space at the very top and so I stitched a 2-wrap French Knot, which looked like a little tumble weed. Perfection(!) and that made me feel happy. As I stitched, I thought I could hear some Silk Ribbon calling out to me, so of course I had to find it, retrieve it, and use it, because what else was I going to do? Ignore the call? No, I don’t think so! So I made a little cluster of Silk Ribbon Roses to one side. And that’s when it occurred to me. I’m NEVER going to finish this book if I continue to go down every rabbit hole I see.

Double Threaded Backstitch, Couching, French Knot and Ribbon Roses

Except it’s SO much fun to go down those rabbit holes and who knows where they might lead?! Some of my best discoveries have been deep within such holes, which means this book will take a little longer to do than I’d originally anticipated. Plus I’m using lots of photographs to demonstrate each step of each stitch and I intend to show how to end and begin a new thread, in case you run out in the middle of the stitch, as well as how to end the thread once you’ve finished doing the stitch. Those are a couple things I always wish to see, but rarely do in a stitching book and that got me wondering, what about YOU?

Tell me what you like to see in a stitching book. What do you dislike? What do you wish they showed? What do you wish they didn’t show? What about text? Keep it short and simple or do you like longer explanations and even stories? What else? Am I forgetting anything? Tell me. Tell me everything.

14 thoughts on “A Stitching Book: Tell Me What YOU Want to See

  1. Labeling stitches step by step is a lot of work for you but makes instructions practically foolproof.
    As I read your blog, stories are part of your signature. So including some for additional interest makes it uniquely you 💛

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  2. First, I must tell you how much you have meant to me and all of your followers during these trying times. Your kind and gentle manner provides an oasis of calm. Your stitching videos are instructive and VERY entertaining. I’ve enjoyed your field trips and walks around your neighborhood that make New York appear to have a human scale. I love the parks with the pigeon person and the street musician. You give the “native’s tour,” which is the kind of tour I give people who come to Las Vegas. I like to know how people live in their hometowns. I’ve also enjoyed “Mom’s” funny videos. I love the photo of your grandmother. So iconic!

    Now, to your question about stitch books. I have a couple. I usually end up looking at Judith Baker Montano’s Embroidery & Crazy Quilt Stitch Tool. First, it is compact and stands up! The index of stitches is alphabetical and illustrated. It shows left and right handed diagrams on the same page with very simple directions printed down the center. This is helpful to me because I can’t always do the stitch right handed…sometimes I’m lefty. So that’s helpful. The left handedness doesn’t seem to hold me up! My only problem with that book is the stitches are limited.

    What would make your book as unique as you would be expanded stitch selection, background fabric selection and threads! You use threads and bits in such creative ways, and you have shared those so generously. Like the lady above, I also love your stories…maybe as intros to sections? And, don’t forget your little mascot, Merlin!

    Thank you, Ariane. You have so many friends out here in the ether! Sign me up for a copy of your new book when you emerge from your rabbit hole.

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    1. Thank you SO much Daphne for your detailed and thoughtful suggestions. I am keeping all of them in a folder. I really, really appreciate it and YOU. Love the suggestion to give Merlin a cameo every now and again. That’s perfect!! (And he’ll love that.) ❤️


  3. When you mentioned text I had some ideas. Make sure the text is not too small. Also dark black. I have a book where the text is a weird gray and is really hard to read.

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