Pandemic Humor

When times are tough it’s helpful to find the humor in any and all situations. Of course it helps that I’m married to a man whose DNA revealed he descends from Vikings and his grandmother hailed from County Clare. I’m a German/Swiss/Mayflower descendant. I’ve decided the Swiss part cancels out at least some of the German propensity for bathroom humor and the Mayflower descendant part suggests that I come from hardy stock with a natural tendency to ward off things like scurvy and the like. All of this is to say it’s a nice counterbalance to my husband’s dark Irish humor.

And then there’s this one, which is how I am going to feel when I go out tomorrow morning to get the smallest turkey I can find. (I’m pretty sure that’s what they’re calling chicken this year.)

I had to go onto Youtube to see what people were doing and found this one…

In a nod to my husband and his heritage I had to include one by Paddy Raff.

This one has obvious appeal to all my sewing and cooking friends out there.

And finally there’s this…

Staying home, staying safe and stitching. ❤️

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