And Now For Some Humor…

With much of the country and world resorting to increasingly strident measures due to the pandemic’s unrelenting destruction, here are a few memes and other silliness to make you smile.

Years ago my husband, who is constantly hoping to catch sight of a UFO, and believes he will some day, came across acronyms that introduced him to the world of survivalists. Acronyms like TEOWAWKI: The End Of The World As We Know It, BOB: Bug Out Bag, and the companion piece to this BOL: Bug Out Location, which is where you will go when the SHTF: Shit Hits The Fan.

So the other day while on one of our “dates” (ie walking to the grocery store together) we came upon this vehicle, which caused both of us to stop and laugh as 1. we live in New York City and parking this thing must have been a massive undertaking particularly with all the outdoor dining spilling into the streets and therefore taking up what little street parking is left in Manhattan, and 2. it has a grab hook! Yes, I just googled that. And an exhaust pipe looking thing on the side and did you notice the spare tire!? What isn’t as easy to see is the paint job, which is a kind of textured crepe looking surface, and the interior, which had all kinds of gadgets that I have no idea what they are even used for.

Sightings like this make me love New York and it’s inhabitants all the more.

And then there’s this, which requires no explanation. I think we can all relate.

Just imagine what this graph would look like if it continued up to the present.

This next one is in honor of New York City deciding to close all our public schools again, which won’t exactly make all the parents of school age children feel any less aggrieved, particularly as gyms and indoor dining remain open, but maybe we can give a collective sigh of relief for those of us with grown children. For those parents who still have children young enough to be in school, let’s hope yours are not doing this, even though their parents just might be, on those endless Zoom meetings.

And finally there’s this, which I think everyone will agree, sums up 2020 nicely.

4 thoughts on “And Now For Some Humor…

  1. Love all the comments. How true!!
    However, there are many positive things , too. I have more time to stitch on your projects! Yeah! I have more $$$ because only need one tank of gas each month instead of four… so bought new threads My children call soooooo much more to check that I’m staying home. If they only knew ??💕 my closets are cleaned out , etc. But fortunately my children are grown and I don’t have to home school. Would have cut my throat by now.
    Keep up your good work. Live your excursions. Hugs,💕💕Sally

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