The Pandemic & Stitching Anyway

Just about ten days ago New York City was enjoying a less than 1% infection rate. We are now at about 17.6 cases for every 100,000 people, which is still relatively small when compared to other parts of the country. But in densely populated areas like Manhattan it doesn’t take much to infect a great many. New York City is a potential super spreader event that never sleeps. Therefore I’m staying inside and stitching. Here’s my latest project; it’s a Stitch Along project using two different neutral linens for the background and lots of colorful threads which will be used for embellishing the organic wool shapes. I’m calling it “Making Waves”.

Close up of the neutral on neutral stitching on the background of Making Waves.

Every day if it isn’t raining, my husband and I take a little walk or what we jokingly refer to as a “date”. As in, “how about an impromptu date? You up for it?” To which the other responds, “Absolutely!” And then we go pick up some toilet paper, eggs and a couple cartons of milk. I usually take some photographs along the way, we laugh about ridiculous things and if we’re being really adventurous we might even splurge and get a couple of Pumpkin Spice Lattes before they pull the plug on them. It’s all very romantic. ❤️

Yesterday’s outing featured a little jazz in Madison Square Park.
Looking north with the Empire State Building peeking out from behind some other buildings.

Over the weekend one of our “dates” was to wander east to the Farmer’s Market in Union Square to pick up a couple loaves of my husband’s favorite bread. On the way home I spied a man from Senegal selling baskets that his family makes and which he sells on Fifth Avenue every weekend. I purchased two, intending them for the threads of my current project. Except Merlin had other ideas…

It’s a good thing I bought two!

10 thoughts on “The Pandemic & Stitching Anyway

  1. Live your walks and sharing the pictures. I live in Florida and have to drive a mile to see a couple of trees that the leaves are turning!! Everything is green. Your trees are magnificent!!!💕💕

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  2. I envy you living in NYC, yes, even during the pandemic. There are gifts everywhere you look. My kitties, like Merlin, get very huffy when I deny them access to anything in my studio. I have a large, square basket on the floor where I keep practice quilt sandwiches for doodling. I’ve gotten very good at doodling around the cat hairs.

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