The Election, Fall Colors & The Pandemic in New York City

This blog is about life. My life, specifically and how what I experience influences what I create, hence the name of this blog: Where Art & Life Meet. Even so I debated as to whether I would post any of the video I took on Saturday showing people basically having a city-wide street party here in New York City. It was an amazing thing to witness and not something I’ve ever seen following an election. Sure people would wave the occasional flag or have a bumper sticker saying who they voted for, but this? This was different. It was reminiscent of the footage I’ve seen in the aftermath of WWII. What was incredible about Saturday here in New York City was the spontaneous, completely unplanned revelry and joy in just about every open square, park and plaza.

Columbus Circle in New York City

Look at the afternoon light on the buildings just beyond Washington Square Park

Earlier that same morning I took a bicycle ride through Central Park and posted a video of it on my YouTube Channel.

When designing, the way light reflects on buildings and water, humanity, pattern and shape creep into my work, but the colors of trees, flowers and the earth are what spark my imagination.

Trees in Central Park

Yesterday my husband and I took a stroll along the Highline. I marveled at the milk weed and how the pods have opened up revealing their wispy, ethereal interior.

Milkweed pod

Later as we headed home we passed this tree, a Maple? I’m not sure, but I loved its variegated colors and said to my husband, “Think if that was a thread? How amazing!!”

The bright orange berries (above) caught my eye as did the beautiful color combinations in the flower below.

As this pinkish color is similar to the color of the hand dyed linen piece I’ve been working on, I am going to incorporate some of these greens and brighter pinks into my piece.

As the numbers of cases of COVID19 rise all over the United States and abroad, please be safe. Even New York City, which just a week ago had less than a 1% infection rate, is now seeing a rise. We are in this together. ❤️

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