Chaos, Humor & a Do-Over

A little humor to start off the day. It must be said that my mother did not send me any of these, however she might have, had she seen them. Here you go, Mom. I love you.

I’m feeling a bit like Pooh Bear. To any of you offended by the f-word, these are unprecedented times. ❤️

In times of chaos, I turn to humor and hand stitching. The truth is I hand stitch just about everyday, whether things are chaotic or not. It’s like meditation. My day feels off if I haven’t done some hand stitching. Lately I’ve been working on hand dyed linen, but any texture that you can pull a needle and thread through is fair game.

A few days ago I tried to do a livestream. The idea was to explore Painter’s Threads – Ribbon Floss, see which stitches worked, which weren’t as successful and in general just play. However my best attempts were thwarted and I ended up doing a last minute, emergency, last resort, WTF, Zoom meeting with whoever could join me. As a result many people who were hoping to be on the live stream were not able to join in or gave up before I was able to organize the Zoom. SO… I’m going to give this another go. I’ve checked our internet, we are up and running, things are moving along at break-neck speed, which means there shouldn’t be any problems. Today at 3pm EST I will be doing the livestream that I had hoped to do the other day. We’re doing a do-over! However there will be no swearing. I don’t swear when in polite company. I promise.

If you click on the arrow button it will take you to the live stream, but it will not begin until 3pm EST today. Join me then or you can watch later after it’s over whenever you like.

Hand stitching is such a wonderful thing to do, and that we get to do this together, regardless of our views, is even more wonderful. I’m looking forward to seeing many of you later today!

7 thoughts on “Chaos, Humor & a Do-Over

  1. Your stitching is amazing! I began using the F word about 3 1/2 yrs ago. I thought it was just me but then I told a couple friends about my new found language addition and they laughed and said they too had added words to their repertoire!! Lol!

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  2. Couldn’t make Ribbon Thread Redux, but enjoyed your cartoons. Stitching definitely helps keep me off the 24/7 news viewing. This has to end soon.

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  3. In light of things, Toilet paper is always a good idea! The F bomb is such a perfect impact word! If ever a time we needed to make an is now! ❤️

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