Designing, Ripping Out & A Video From My Mother

I’ve been working away on my latest project: “Stitch Along With Ariane”, which is actually a Zoom Series that will span 8 weeks, with a weekly Zoom meet-up to discuss the past week’s lesson, and the following week’s stitches. I’m working on the background stitching while awaiting the last of my threads to arrive. I’m told those threads will be here any day now, and then I will be shipping them off to all who opted for them.

Threads for my latest project

But I’ve been feeling a bit off. This can happen when I’m embarking on a new project. I have an idea, try it out, think, okay, I can go with this, then keep going, have low energy, but can’t figure out why. So I keep going anyway and then, at some point, it hits me – I don’t like what I’ve been doing thus far. SO… and this is a big SO… I know I have to rip things out and begin anew. It’s the only way. I’ve tried other work arounds in the past, but in the end I just rip out, so now I don’t bother with all the various work arounds and just dig right in to the ripping out phase. Other than remorse for all that thread I’ve used and am now removing, I feel much better. I have a clearer idea of where I’m headed. It’s as though a great burden has been lifted from my shoulders.

The stitches I’m leaving in.

See all those tiny pin pricks on the left? That was covered in stitching. Now gone! And I can breathe a little easier as a result. This is part of my process. I know this. But I swear, every time it happens I’m caught off guard. I think maybe I’m getting sick or wonder why I’m feeling down. The good news is that I usually figure it out. I’m thinking that by writing this here, perhaps next time I’ll come to the realization more quickly. It’s life. A work in progress.

And now for a little something sent to me by my mother. I think we can all relate. 💕

8 thoughts on “Designing, Ripping Out & A Video From My Mother

  1. Oh how I can relate!. There is even a feeling of accomplishment without having yet completed the project. Then I am enthused to move on.
    Love your inclusion of the video—so cute! 🌻

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  2. Poor you, hormons, age, autumn, self doubt, all ingredients for feeling low. Just continue living and trust that all falls in its place. You can always have your blood checked whether you miss some vitamines and/or have a low sugar level.

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  3. I’m happy you like the “mirror”, it made me smile, and that’s a good thing too, to start off each morning with a smile. 🙂

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