Dorset Buttons: A Little History & A Lot of Fun

Evidently the Dorset Button has a long and interesting history beginning with a soldier, Abraham Case, who saw buttons hand fashioned by his fellow soldiers during his time fighting in Europe in the early 1600’s. After the war he returned to his hometown, married and moved to Shaftesbury, where he decided to replicate the buttons he saw being made during the war. The horns from the Dorset Horn Sheep, were used to make rings, which were then covered in linen and tied with thread.

This then evolved into more intricate hand work, such as the buttons shown below, which is more like what most of us think of when we think of a Dorset Button.

Rumor has it that Charles I was wearing a waistcoat with Dorset Buttons when he was beheaded in 1649.

Today the Dorset Button serves as the base and inspiration for a great many amazing pieces of work.

In August I did a Youtube video demonstrating how to make a Dorset Button.

And yesterday, while playing around I attempted this, using a 1″ ring and Oriental Linen and Silken Pearl Threads. I will keep playing and experimenting, but if you haven’t tried making a Dorset Button, maybe you will feel like giving one a try. They’re lots of fun and just a little addictive!

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