The Pandemic & the Things That Unite Us

I don’t know about you but the interminability, the endlessness of this pandemic hits me in waves. For the most part I am able to brush it off, keep going, keep stitching, keep designing, but there are other times when it all just feels like a massive punch to the gut. When is this ever going to end? It feels endless. Turning on the news feels like a constant battering of negativity; it’s exhausting.

This video is more than six years old now, but it hasn’t lost its appeal. I love it and have watched it many times now. The joy on the people’s faces and in their eyes is priceless. Music is the common thread bringing us all together.

So along those lines, meet Colin Huggins. I have seen him countless times in Washington Square Park with his grand piano, where he plays. Today I may have to wander down there to see if he’s playing. And if he is I’ll video tape it. Sometimes a reminder of what is good, can make all the difference.

Here’s to finding the things that bring us together.

12 thoughts on “The Pandemic & the Things That Unite Us

  1. I always have tears in my eyes and smile when I hear this music and watch the people coming together to play, photograph, children climb phone-poles, or just hang out. Thanks for bringing it to my attention once again. ❤️ 💕💗 Mom

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  2. Thanks for introducing me to Colin he is wonderful. I enjoyed the clip of the opera singer standing on top of the piano singing Ava Maria. Sadly no piano playing in my neighbourhood but we do a neighbour who strums the banjo who lives in a condo and plays along the quay.

    I’ve seen that first video and it is so heart warming. Take care and thanks again for sharing these.

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  3. This pandemic is causing cacophony around the world. The world is no longer pretty music. I am very sad and my refuge is in my embroidery and quilting works and my mountain, kissing my grandchildren is a great lack for me

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