Design, Exploration & A Finished Piece

It all began with the Stem Stitch, a much over-looked stitch. I decided I needed to explore it and see if I could find a little excitement while doing so. I had no idea that this stitch would be the beginning of something wonderful!

I pulled out some hand dyed linen that I’d bought and a 5 weight pearl cotton thread and began stitching.

Taking that first stitch.
and a few more, because… why not?
Some French Knots and Seed Stitches might be fun…
Don’t forget color! A little color is added for drama.
While we’re at it, why not explore the Satin Stitch?
And along the way, mis-steps will be taken. But that’s okay.
Those mis-steps can be used to further enhance something else!
Adding some hand painted t-shirt to the piece.

And finally the whole thing comes together as this…

Olea: Designed and Stitched By Ariane Zurcher

Not sure whether I will end up backing and quilting this piece or not. I may leave as is, I may float it on top of a larger hand dyed piece and I may end up quilting it, but for now, I’m happy to have it on my design wall while I get to work on my “Stitch Along with Ariane” project. Until then, here’s to stitching together! 💕

9 thoughts on “Design, Exploration & A Finished Piece

      1. I’ve been in Florida helping my son after hurricane Sally. Did I miss the House of Embroidery deal – 279 for $ 400. Oh gosh!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I think you may have, Debra. You can try to order now using this link and enter the discount code AZ during checkout. If that doesn’t work, or it doesn’t let you, call and/or email Richard over at Global Artisans and see if he’ll squeeze you in. Good luck! 💕


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