A New Design, A Stroll & Mischief

Let’s kick things off with a new design, shall we?! What? Didn’t she just unveil a new design a couple of weeks ago, you might ask.

A DIY Project – Perfect for the Holidays!

Yes. Yes, I did. I’ve been very busy! This last one is a companion piece to the Glasses Case. It’s a scissor case! Which, if you’re like me, you are in desperate need of. No. Seriously. I’m always wrapping my favorite pair of scissors into all kinds of things before putting into a bag along with my latest project and then wishing I had a nice padded case so I wouldn’t have to worry about holes being poked into nearby things. So with that in mind, I designed the scissor case I’ve always wanted! And, added plus, it’s the perfect holiday gift and can be made up in a week or so.

Now, after all of that, it might be good to stretch your legs and take a little walk with me over to the Hudson River where we can view the New Jersey shoreline, unfortunately not the most attractive part of New Jersey, which despite it’s reputation has some truly gorgeous parts, but this isn’t one of them… then off to peek in on the skateboarders, wander through Chelsea, take a little break at a park where we observe small children racing around in a tiny Tesla. Hilarity ensues as they run into some problems, but nothing a few cookies won’t solve and finally we end on our roof at night where you can catch a glimpse of a sliver of the Empire State Building. Come with me, it’ll be fun.

No one can accuse me of not showing you a good time. Just sayin’.

And finally I had to leave you with my favorite Golden Retriever, Bailey, up to no good while his owners are away.

Happy Tuesday everyone and keep stitching!

2 thoughts on “A New Design, A Stroll & Mischief

  1. Hi Ariane, I just purchased your new scissor holder pattern and there was some confusion as to where to send it. I used PayPal and would like the pattern to be downloaded to acuriousbirdaz@gmail.com. I used an old address to log into Etsy. Could not find anywhere to reach you . My address is Joyce abbey.

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    1. Hi Joyce, thank you so much for your order! I’m glad you reached out. It’s no problem at all. I’ve sent you the files to the email you’ve listed. Let me know if you run into any other issues so that I can help.💕


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