Sh*t My Mother Sends Me and So Much More

The image above has nothing to do with anything that I’m writing about today. I need you to know that right off the bat. But I love the photograph as it features two things that bring me joy, the ocean and flowers.

We begin with a little something to make you smile, or if you’re like me, laugh, from my mother, of course.

And then there’s this, sent to me by a friend who was a Lieutenant in the Vietnam War. This didn’t make me smile, but I did learn a few things that I hadn’t realized, such as how many people died from the Spanish Flu.

Can I just say? Are we seriously complaining about wearing a little piece of cloth over our faces, when women strap themselves into bras that are like a vice grip around our breasts? Bras that often have underwires, straps that cut into the flesh on our backs, dig into our shoulders, with little complaint? Okay, so maybe there’s a little complaining going on amongst ourselves, and why shouldn’t there be? Bras can be seriously uncomfortable, wearing a mask? Not even close. And it’s not like wearing a bra protects us or anyone else from getting physically ill, but if seeing a braless woman does make you physically ill, then you’ve got a lot more to deal with than worrying about a face mask. I’m coming from the perspective of someone who was in the epicenter of the COVID19 pandemic. Someone who had a mobile morgue stationed just a few blocks from where we live, watched a close friend get very, very ill, so much so that he was amending his will, just in case things got even worse, someone who is still not 100% even though he was sick back in March. I don’t want anyone to go through any of that. It was horrifying. So please. We’ve got this, people. 💕

And then finally there’s this, because you need to meet my favorite kitten and dog team: This is Bailey and Simon.

My husband and I do a little reading every morning and then discuss, as a way to begin our day. This morning’s reading began with the quote from Pearl Buck – “Life without idealism is empty indeed. We must have hope or starve to death.” Which brings me full circle to the image I began this post with – the ocean and flowers, both of which bring me a sense of calm and with that calm comes hope for our world and for all the living beings on this planet.

5 thoughts on “Sh*t My Mother Sends Me and So Much More

  1. My maternal grandparents were both born in 1899 so this is the story of their lives. They also emigrated to Canada where they met and married. He passed away in ‘76 and she in ‘92. We’ve had it easy comparatively haven’t we?

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