The Unveiling of a New Design & A Giveaway!

This is the little promotional video I made for Instagram and below that is the slightly longer Youtube video I made. This is the first of two holiday projects I designed. They are small do-it-yourself projects that can be made up pretty quickly and are perfect gifts for yourself or someone else. I’m working away on the second one, and hope to be able to show it to you in another week or two. The point is to get both out, to all of you, so that you have plenty of time to make them up before the holidays are upon us!

I set out with the idea that I wanted to create something that could be made fairly quickly. I also liked the idea of a glasses case that, as it turns out, can also be a soft case for a cell phone, sunglasses or anything else that needs protection while we go about our day.

This multifunctional soft case is part of a series, which I began calling the “Rock Series” because each of the designs, feature rocks as in River RocksRock Gardens and this one, Water & Rocks. The inspiration for each, involves rocks of some kind. This last design was inspired by rocks and water, and how water reflects what’s surrounding it, while rocks provide a little island on which all kinds of life sprout and find home in and around. 

Whenever I’m inspired by something it becomes less about the actual thing that is inspiring me and more a place to begin exploring. Rather than attempt to render actual rocks and water, each element serves as a jumping off point. The inspiration fades into the background as the design takes shape.

Water is less about water and more about light, the refraction of light on water and the way water serves as a mirror for all that surrounds it. The rocks become small oases where I explore color and composition, using thread and stitches to accentuate dimension, depth, shape and color. And in the end, I have an item I can actually use or give to someone special; making this the perfect gift.

And now for the giveaway portion of this post! Are you ready?

The winner will receive the PDF files for this design, which includes the pattern, templates, and the instruction booklet filled with photographs, detailed instructions and hotlinks for almost all the materials used, as well as to all the videos made demonstrating each stitch used. *Anyone who enters must subscribe to this blog, follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my YouTube Channel: Ariane Zurcher – On the Other Hand.* After you’ve done all of that, write in the comments what you’d use this soft case for. I will do a random drawing and will announce the winner this Thursday.

Good luck!

32 thoughts on “The Unveiling of a New Design & A Giveaway!

  1. Hi Ariane, I was already following you on Instagram plus your YouTube, but I just now followed your blog as well. I have always just followed the link from FB. I am loving this series of your rocks and water, they are spectacular! It helps that I love rocks as well. I would use this as my sunglasses case, I think!
    Thanks, Debby Leonard

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    1. Haha! Last night I was up until 3:30am fixing all the broken links within the instruction booklet. Up at 7 bright eyed and bushy tailed. Course I’ll be falling asleep tonight during whatever movie my husband found for us to watch… 💕


  2. What a beautiful idea. I would use the case for my “cheaters” – the glasses I use when stitching. Would also be fun to make cases to share with my nieces for their cell phones. Thank you for sharing your talents .

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  3. Hi. I already follow you everywhere including instant I absolutely love the case. It looks so beachy. The problem is giving it away which means I would have to do two at the same time so I can keep one. I love it for glasses and cell phones but you can also use it for keeping some threads in for a mini take along project too with your scissors. There are a lot of times I carry one block at a time. 😍😍😍

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  4. I love reading your blog and listening to you on youtube. I would use the case for my prescription sunglasses and show it to everyone I know so they can see what an artist you are! Thank you for all you do to inspire me.

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  5. I just love where you’re going with these rock themed designs. I need a needle book or roll and I’m considering using this pattern to make one. If I made this eyeglass case, I’m thinking I’d like to use it for my puffers.

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  6. Since I live in Florida, I’m constantly near the water. I love your designs. I would use this as an eyeglass case and have to make a second one to put my phone in …thanks so much for all you do …we truly appreciate your effort …Sally

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  7. Hello. I love this project! I would make an eyeglass case that I could use when flying on an airplane trying to sleep and my glasses would be safe. I hope my husband and I will get to travel again. We are waiting until it is safe. I love your calm voice when explaining a stitch.
    Thank you
    Connie Strause

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  8. I love your designs! I’ve learned so much from your YouTube videos!! I would use this sunglass case for my reading/sewing glasses. I would like to make a second case for my mother as a gift. She admires my handwork and I love giving her things I know she will enjoy.

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