Designing and The Joys & Pitfalls of Live Streaming

I did another live stream yesterday. We covered the Split Stitch and the Split Back Stitch, which I prefer. I really love live streaming. It’s so much more fun to demonstrate stitches when people are responding, giving suggestions, asking questions, than when I’m just demonstrating a stitch to a silent room. In addition I don’t spend hours editing, which is amazing and a huge plus. And closed captioning works, so that’s really nice. However there are some drawbacks. The biggest one is that my non-English speaking friends are unable to add subtitles and this is a HUGE drawback. I have searched for work arounds, but so far haven’t been able to find any, so if you happen to know of one, tell me!

The second big drawback is that the chats as they come in are not necessarily showing up in real time during replay. I’ve spent some time googling this and haven’t found a solution. I can see them when on my computer, but not on my phone. I’ve played around in settings, but can’t figure out how to change it so they show up on the screen as they do during the live stream. All of this means that I need to repeat what people are saying and what I’m responding to as I’m talking, otherwise people who watch later may have no idea what I’m talking about. So this isn’t a huge issue and is an easy fix, I just need to remember to repeat what the chat is saying before responding, but I do wish YouTube would tweak this so that the chats showed up during the replay, just as they do during the live stream. It would make for a more entertaining and interactive experience for everyone after the fact.

This is my hand dyed linen piece that I’m playing with. I demonstrated the Split Stitch in the area to the left and then added lots of other stitches. 💕

Other than those two issues, I love live streaming! I am hoping that by the time I’m able to go to my artist’s residency at Chateau D’Orquevaux in France next year (keep your fingers crossed) I will be able to bring all of you with me! How amazing would that be?!

In other news I am working away on my next little project, which is meant to be a holiday project, something you can stitch up in a week or so and give as a gift to yourself or someone else! I’ve got two in the works, but one that is almost finished. I hope to finish the hand stitching on it today and sew it up tomorrow so that I can launch it next week! Here’s a little sneak peek of it below. 🌞

To all my friends on the West Coast my heart goes out to you. I am thinking of you and your families, and wishing each of you well. Enjoy the rest of the week everyone, and stay safe.

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