You Can Thank My Mother & A Special Offer!

I know you cannot wait to see what little tidbit of joy my mother sent me, but first things first… I cut my hair with my trusty 10″ Kai Fabric Scissors. I know this rates really low on the important things to announce scale, but this was a first for me, and since I cut eight inches off (I’m totally serious) it was a big deal (to me)! Also how fabulous is it that my scissors can be used for so many things?

Next up is this video sent to me by… wait for it… MY MOTHER, of course!! How many of you absolutely LOVE my mother? I know I do. She is the source of such wonderfully funny, silly and just in general, uplifting things that she sends me on a regular basis. So here you go. You can thank my mother. If there was ever a time for some uplifting silliness, it seems to me, this is it. To all my friends on the west coast, I’m thinking of you and wishing you safe.

And finally, for all you hand stitchers out there, Richard Kennair, the man behind Global Artisans, has offered all of my followers the opportunity to purchase the entire collection of House of Embroidery Threads at a HUGE discount. The threads will come in 5 meter lengths for the #5 weight threads and 9 meter lengths for the #8 weight in each of the 279 colors. Each color will be wound on its own little bobbin, labeled and arranged in two floss boxes. Richard is giving my followers an exclusive price of just $400 (regularly priced at $549.95) for all 279 colors!

This is an offer unlike any I’ve seen, and is pretty amazing. If you want to take advantage of his generous offer, use the coupon code AZ at checkout. If you run into any problems email Richard directly. As this is a special offer to all of you, it will take one month before it ships. Here are the links for the 5 weight Perle Cotton Threads click ‘here‘ and for the 8 weight Perle Cotton Threads click ‘here‘. Don’t forget to enter the coupon code AZ at checkout.

Just a few of the 8 weight House of Embroidery Perle Cotton threads

8 thoughts on “You Can Thank My Mother & A Special Offer!

  1. Oh my, Your Mom’s video was amazing. Having a stressful day and I watched it at the perfect time. We are on our 5th Golden Retriever and they are hilarious dogs. Blossom, our golden and the neighbor cat were playing through the chain link fence the other day. Hilarious. Kudos to your mom, she can pick them. Loved the threads and inspiration too. Stay safe and well.

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    1. Thx Debra, I love the idea of your Golden and the neighbor’s cat playing! There’s a Golden on YouTube named Bailey who loves a kitten that the owner’s brought home. They are adorable together and sleep all curled up to each other.
      I’m glad the video provided a little relief during these uncertain times. Wishing you a peaceful evening.๐Ÿ’•


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