New Projects & A Zoom Stitch Along Series

Lots of new and exciting things are in the works!

I’m going through my To Do list and making some headway.

But the BIG news is that I’m doing a Stitch Along With Ariane Zoom series.   I have been working with the various thread companies and am pulling together thread kits for this project.  It is a drawstring bag, but can also be a pillow or wall hanging, whatever you prefer.  This project will not begin until everyone who has ordered thread kits has received them. The thread kits will be coming directly from me, so I’m hoping that will make getting them a little easier.  I hope to have them all ready to send out on a first come first serve basis for those who choose to sign up for the Zoom Stitch Along.  I am making up 20 kits to begin and depending upon how many of you want to join, I will decide whether to order more.  

The Zoom series will be for an hour, once a week for 8 weeks. The class will be $30. per session, which includes the pattern, template and design, but you will need to commit to the entire 8 weeks and you will be able to download the session if you’re unable to make it. The thread kits will need to be purchased in addition to that, unless you prefer to use whatever you have on hand. I am limiting this first Zoom Stitch Along to just 20 people.  

Threads for Water on Rocks Project

This is a Stitch Along, so I have only designed the basic drawstring bag at this point, but have not done any of the embellishing.  I will design the stitching one week ahead as we stitch this project together.  

If you’re interested, tell me in the comments below and I will then email you directly. 

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