Nude Men, Zoom & Live Streaming

I know, I know, some of you may be thinking – She’s totally abandoning us here. We subscribe to her YouTube channel and now she’s on Patreon and everything’s exclusive and I can’t do any of that, and what’s going on?

Have no fear. I am busy, busy, busy and will have a YouTube video next week, I promise! Also I’m doing a lot of behind the scenes work, like googling “How do I live stream?” which was preceded by the google search “What is livestreaming and how is it different from a regular YouTube video?” which was preceded by “what’s the point of livestreaming?” which was preceded by “what does “live-streaming” mean? I was relieved to see I was not alone in asking these questions… Because seriously, I was feeling kind of clueless. But now? Oh let me wax poetic on the virtues of live streaming… okay, not really, because I have yet to actually “livestream”, but I’m going to be, soon.

Also this next design is taking me some time, because unlike the others, this time I’m editing all the video (many, many hours of video) before I unveil the project in my Etsy shop. I want all the links to be embedded within the instructions and I want the thread kit up and running so that I can embed that link into the instructions as well. It may be that this won’t all happen the way I’m hoping and I may just need to release the project before I’ve finished all of that, but I am hoping I can do it if I work really hard over the next four or five days.

Oh! And also, I just opened a Zoom account, and am going to be doing a test run with my brother later today to make sure I have my camera set up so you can actually see what I’m doing and it isn’t pointed up at the ceiling or, alternatively, is a blur because I forgot to focus the lens on the right thing. In addition I’m writing up a little something on what classes/workshops I’ll be offering. So I’ve been busy. But throughout all of this, I’m always thinking of you.

And as a result, I thought you might enjoy this – courtesy of my mother – of course! (My mother sent me this article, but I found this YouTube video describing the incident) Which… well, you just need to watch it! 💖

6 thoughts on “Nude Men, Zoom & Live Streaming

  1. I just wanted to say that once I discovered you on youtube, I have watched almost all of your videos. I understand the need to go to patreon and Zoom. I hope to do zoom classes one day but am currently having problems getting zoom to work on my computer. Therefore I hope you don’t give up on Youtube completely. You are such an encouragement to all of us. Love your work.

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    1. Definitely NOT giving up on Youtube. In fact I just did a live-streaming session with one of my brothers and it went well. He was able to see me, and he was able to use the chat feature, which was great! ❤️


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