Birthdays, Patreon, Youtube & Exploring New Things

Remember when women were coy about their age? We weren’t supposed to say how old we were, so much so that people said, “don’t ever ask a women her age” and I think the ending to that was “or a man his salary” or something like that. Maybe some people still say that, but the women I know, and am friends with, are pretty upfront, even proud of their age. And why shouldn’t they be? They’ve worked hard, are leading lively, interesting lives; why shouldn’t they be proud of each year they’ve weathered? Of course all of this is really rooted in ageism and how women are judged far more harshly by their physical appearance, but still it doesn’t make much sense. Wouldn’t it be better to just say how old you are than to pretend to be much younger, only to have people say, or secretly think – Whew she looks pretty run down, I thought she was much older than that!

I turn 60 today.

I made a little video about it. Maybe I reveal too much, I don’t know. I did hesitate when hitting the “post” button. Is this falling into the TMI category? On the other hand (I can’t say that without having an inward chuckle, since that’s also the name of my Youtube Channel) I thought, I’m not ashamed of my past and now I’m 60 years old, damn it, so why shouldn’t I talk about whatever I want, unless it might hurt someone else. Anyway, you can watch it, if you feel like it.

All these rites of passage are times for reflection it seems to me. And this has been quite the year! I launched my Youtube Channel, the pandemic whipped through my beloved New York City with a vengeance, leaving a path of destruction in its wake and we’re not through it yet. New York City has been transformed, but not broken. I launched my Patreon Page.

I created three FaceBook groups. We now use the word Zoom and know that chances are we don’t mean we are rushing off to go somewhere. We rely on technology more than ever and the world and our lives have changed so completely as to be unrecognizable from just a year ago. Below is a photo from exactly one year ago today when I was in Colorado visiting my mother and my sister. I couldn’t have imagined then, that would be the last time I would see them for the foreseeable future, with no idea when I might be able to do so again.

It’s been a bumpy year. I’m grateful to all of you for your insights, your wisdom, your experiences and most of all for having a community. Here’s to another year, bumps and all, and weathering it!

8 thoughts on “Birthdays, Patreon, Youtube & Exploring New Things

  1. Happy Belated Birthday Ms. Ariane Zurcher. Of course you did not share too much, I love getting to know you and what makes you tick! Knowing you are not this person with a perfect life – because watching your videos makes me think you are one of the beautiful people that has this perfect life with no problems and how could I ever achieve what you have; younger me would think that – haha! Not the me now. We all have our ‘stuff’.
    I will continue following and seeing what is next with you! Have a great day!

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    1. Thank you so much Debra. “Stuff” makes us interesting, I think, and relatable, at least to a point. Here’s to “stuff” and growing older and (hopefully) wiser! 💖💖


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