Exciting News & Questionable Humor

Exciting News!

Both The ThreadGatherer and Global Artisans have put together thread kits for my latest design, The River Rocks Pouch. I’m so grateful to both, for all their hard work in putting these kits together. In addition, both have thrown in discounts to anyone purchasing the kits. Both kits are needed to complete this pouch.

In other news the jackhammering across the street has progressed to only random hours of non-stop jackhammering, which I’m grateful for. In fact, there’s a lull now, reminding me that I don’t appreciate things like silence until there is none.

And in conclusion, any post I write doesn’t feel complete unless it includes something from my mother. This is her latest find, a video featuring three chefs who proudly show off their culinary skills by lighting their flambés in unison only to have the sprinkler system go off, raining down upon them and ruining their beautiful creations. And while several people watching are laughing so hard they’re crying, I felt so badly for the chefs, I couldn’t bring myself to show it here. Oh alright, here, see for yourself.😏

Finally there’s this video, also from my mother – Showing How It’s Done.

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