Music, Dining & Design

All Along The Watchtower. Remember that song? Here you go. My new favorite YouTube Channel – Playing for Change presents musicians from around the world, bringing people together as only music and art can.

One of my brothers, I’m fortunate enough to have three, asked me to send him photographs of the restaurants in NYC that are taking advantage of the ability to turn the sidewalks and streets into outdoor dining, allowing them to expand their seating capabilities during this ongoing pandemic. When cities like mine are not allowed to have indoor dining, every little bit helps. Here you go, Chris. ❤️

Cafeteria on 7th Avenue
A side street in Chelsea

What strikes me about both the music and the restaurants shown above, is the infinite capability we humans have to create, whether that’s music or art or turning a sidewalk into an inviting space where people can socialize in the midst of a pandemic; we are creative beings.

And finally – I am overwhelmed by the tremendous response my latest design, River Rocks ~ A Small Pouch has received. This is the little video I made, with the help of my husband and son, for Instagram, showing my inspiration for this design.

I also created a playlist on my YouTube channel for this design: River Rocks ~ A Zippered Pouch.


2 thoughts on “Music, Dining & Design

  1. We’ve got restaurants being allowed to extend onto streets, sidewalks and even parking lots in parts of the lower mainland. This is sometimes referred to as the GVRD or greater Vancouver regional district although that extends up to the Fraser Valley area.

    My favourite restaurant has a glass garage door in the main dining room which on most days they open along with the front door to allow the fresh air in. They also have a decent patio. Right now they’ve closed for a family holiday. Can’t wait for them to reopen tomorrow.

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