Love, Sewing Nests & Impatience

I bet you can’t guess who sent this to me… If you guessed my mother, then you’d be correct. She alternates between, humor and heartwarming. But either way they all represent humans and/or animals creatively living their lives. I appreciate all of them.

And then there’s this one, NOT sent by my mother, but she would have sent it, had she seen it. So just think of this as a little gift to you, Mom. Giving you a tiny break from finding fun videos to send to all of us. This one is like one that was posted on my Facebook Group: Ariane Zurcher Stitching Circle, by one of its fabulous members. But I couldn’t figure out how to share it here from Facebook, so I found this one. Amazing. Talk about living a creative life.

So in other news, I thought I’d finished my latest project and was cheerfully preparing to sew the whole thing together when my husband stopped by and offered his thoughts. The end result is that I am now working away on the back of the project, which I had intended on leaving alone, more out of impatience than design aesthetic. Impatience is never a good reason to finish a project. I know that. Still, it’s very seductive to give in to it. But I’m not. Just so you know. I’m not.

I can’t wait to unveil it though… Really. Cannot wait!

2 thoughts on “Love, Sewing Nests & Impatience

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