NYC, Phase 2, Magnets & Merlin

New York City has entered Phase 2 of its reopening. I wouldn’t know this since I rarely leave our home, except that I needed to find some small, strong magnets and so ventured out to our local hardware store. There, I saw first-hand what stores and their customers will experience in this new reality. Our go-to hardware store is a small family owned business just a few blocks from where we live. Once a jam packed, uncomfortably crowded place where you literally could not pass another person without flattening yourself against the rows of tools and supplies, they now only allow two people in at a time. Which meant I waited for ten minutes or so before I was able to go inside where they had reconfigured their entrance, dividing it into two lanes with a plexiglass divider separating the lines. In addition there is plexiglass dividing the customer from the sales person. Everyone had on masks, and instead of going into the store and rummaging around for what you need, you tell the salesperson behind the plexiglass divider and counter what you’re looking for and they get it for you. I was in and out in less than five minutes with magnets in hand.

The magnets were for an idea I had to use as a closure for my needle roll. When I asked people what kind of closure they liked best the vast majority said a ribbon tie, but second best was a magnetic closure, which was great, except I had no idea how to insert a magnet powerful enough to close through several layers of wool. All the magnets I had, encased in plastic pockets that are meant to be machine sewn on, weren’t powerful enough. But the magnets I was given at the hardware store are. So I attached them invisibly using a fusible fleece interfacing and it actually seems to work! All of this will be revealed in the YouTube video I’m posting this Saturday on my Otter Needle Roll playlist.

In the meantime here is Merlin. Merlin was left in the backyard of a rectory in Brooklyn. He was brought to a rescue shelter when he was several months old and lived there until we adopted him when he was just over a year old. I often wonder what Merlin would have been like had we had the good fortune of finding him when he was a kitten. As it is, he is very affectionate. He is adored, obviously, and is a wonderful sewing and stitching companion.

Merlin on his favorite perch!


12 thoughts on “NYC, Phase 2, Magnets & Merlin

  1. Good morning lady! I love watching your videos, I feel like I’m learning a lot. I just need to sit down and do a lot! But regardless, it’s fun watching for what you and Merlin are up to! Keep up the good work.
    Deby from Texas!

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  2. Glad you got your magnets. I am in northeast Montana and skipped my sewing to float the Missouri River w my husband and 3 year old rescue dog. Beautiful 93 degree day. Could not get any more isolated than that. Lived in NY 45 years ago- hard to imagine the streets snd businesses as they are now. Enjoy your day and keep your wonderful advice coming our way.

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  3. I love reading your blog yes NZ has been and had the plexiglass stage I found it very disconcerting talking to a piece of glass and even more so when the glass talks back being partially deaf, I keep wanting to put my head around ..
    Yes we are onto our 2nd adopted cat her name is basil we took her in as she just arrived limping ..shes really a long story totally loved but she only gives it in return at feed tines

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  4. Just back from a week driving to and helping unpack a Uhaul with relatives. 1300 mile drive and a couple of days to unpack it. Got home by Amtrak and am back to work and will catch up on watching the YouTubes. I have loved following the needle roll project and stitch tutorials even though I’m not stitching it at this time.
    Stay safe and well.

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