Sweetness, Forgetfulness & Finishings

Had a tough night or day? Here. Watch this. Courtesy of my mother – a dose of sweetness. Thanks Mom. ❤️

I completely forgot to post anything yesterday morning. Even more egregious, I forgot one of my brother’s birthdays and yesterday finally remembered to call him more than a week late. Thankfully, he once forgot mine too, so when he began to admonish me, I was able to remind him of that. Not that I’m holding a grudge or anything… No, really. 😳

And just so you know, when I began writing this post just now, auto correct corrected “mother” to “otter”. Yeah, so there’s that.

Speaking of which, I have, just yesterday, finished my second Otter Needle Roll. I made one for right handers and one for left. The one for right handers has a ribbon closure and the one for left handers has a magnetic closure, which was bizarrely and unexpectedly much harder for me to figure out how to do. But now both are finished. The videos have been shot, edited and uploaded to YouTube and all 14 lessons continue to post everyday this week through Saturday, when the final video is scheduled to drop. I even added two bonus videos, Lessons 12 & 13, because I kind of veered from my own instructions, just a little!

What’s next you might ask? Well, I have a little list… next up is – figure out how to turn the Otter Needle Roll instruction booklet into a physical book. Simultaneously I am designing my next project, while also taping video of a dozen or so stitches I haven’t done in depth videos of. And then there are all those variations on stitches that I need to make videos for, not to mention the stitching book I am working on and the complete redo of my website. Wait, what month is it? I have no idea.

But first I have to rewatch that video I posted above…

PS: If you haven’t asked to join the private FaceBook Group I created ~ Ariane Zurcher Stitching Circle ~ Do!

7 thoughts on “Sweetness, Forgetfulness & Finishings

  1. Birthdays, Anniversarys, Christmas, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and on and on…. Then add to it drizzle stitches, crested chain stitches, bullion loops and on and on…So much to remember. Lucky the banks reconcile our accounts for us. Keep on keeping on.

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  2. Now the circles are finished : I thought time to dust the furniture.. take an in-depth look at the otter needle roll procedure and I came across the pet video from your mum.. oh so sweet ..today in New Zealand its Monday 29th June.. Wednesday I fly to Auckland, when one lives as I do in a small coastal community of approx 50 permanent people one can go days with no seeing anyone ..Auckland is what New York is to America so I get to hunt out treasures that make my days wonderful .Thankyou Ariane

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    1. I loved reading this!! 50 people?! We have that many people living in our building!!! Can’t wait to hear what you find in Auckland. One of these days I hope to visit your beautiful country.


  3. Loved to read your experience. The video was cute. Your mom must be having a great time. Handy artworks are a great way to keep yourself occupied. It instils creativity and helps you be focused in life. Loved whatever you have posted here. I am looking forward to more such posts.


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