Curiosity, Exploring & Options

Being curious has its downside, particularly in the middle of the night when I should be sleeping, but instead am listening to the air conditioner kick in while watching the ceiling fan make its rotations. Some random questions that entered my mind at around 3:30am: Where did the saying Curiosity Killed the Cat come from? When did people first discover tea? What about herbal tea? Why are we drawn to circles? I know. Random, not particularly useful, but this is what happens at 3am; my mind is very busy. Sigh.

I’m a firm believer in questioning everything. According to Quora asking questions may be based in genetics. Of course it’s important to consider who is saying that and how they know this, which leads to more investigating and questions. But in the end, being curious is what drives me to try new things and do things a little differently. It also can cause me to spend a lot of time doing things differently, only to realize the first way was just fine and this other, new, way isn’t any better.

Every day for the past week or more I’ve been following my own instructions and each day I cannot help myself, I veer off and do things a little differently, even if it’s just doing things in a different order. Sometimes it leads me to discover new, visually appealing ways to stitch something, but other times I emerge several hours later only to tear everything I just did, out, and do it the way I’d originally advised. That’s okay. I don’t mind veering off into the unknown. It makes the whole process more interesting and, even when I decide I don’t like the path I just went off on, I still love to explore.

For those of you following along on my YouTube videos for the Otter Needle Roll project, you will see that I’m changing up the needle label side of my roll, just a little. (Think of it as a bonus or another option. Options are good!) Part of it is because I discovered a new toy, my iron-on fabric label maker, and just had to make my labels using it, but also because I love trying new things. That label maker is a game changer, as far as I’m concerned, as I dreaded stitching those little cloth labels on. I found the whole process tedious, but now, using iron-on labels?! Amazing!!

Hand Stitched Cotton Labels
Iron-On Fabric Labels

Plus, I know for a fact that I am in good company when it comes to exploring and trying new things. My friend Sandi, whom I’ve mentioned before, took the bullion drizzle stitch that I demonstrated in yesterday’s video and experimented with it by adding beads to it. It looks fabulous and reminded me of Cousin Itt from the Addams family, gone a bit wild. Sandi posted photos of her fabulous, beaded creation on Instagram and FaceBook. Love that!

The Bullion Drizzle Sea Urchin

Here’s to exploring together!

6 thoughts on “Curiosity, Exploring & Options

  1. What a surprise to find that you mentioned me in this post Ariane. I’m honoured by your creativity and friendship. Thank you I just asked the question what if and decided to answer it. Thanks for the spark. I’m looking forward to today’s video.

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  2. hello Ariane, bonjour de France, j’ai trop hâte de commencer ce magnifique projet ! j’adore les vidéos ! que du bonheur. Quel talent !

    Liked by 1 person

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