New FaceBook Group, Label Makers, Community & Joy!

The big news around here is that I created a new FaceBook Group – Ariane Zurcher Stitching Circle. It is meant for any and all who love hand stitching or want to learn. More than anything it is a place to support one another, have fun, get inspiration, be creative, enjoy the company of like minded stitching enthusiasts, ask questions, get help, learn and be a part of a fun community. We have about 200 members already from all over the world and it is growing quickly.

Two friends are helping me with it. As there are many french speakers in the group one of my French friends has made a video welcoming those who speak French and made a video showing how to put subtitles on my YouTube Videos! How wonderful is that?! Thank you Corinne! ❤️ My father would have been so pleased as he was born and raised in Paris. His first language was French and even though he moved to the United States when he was in his twenties, he once told me he often dreamed in French. As he was also Swiss, hence my last name, he also would have loved that I use a Bernina Sewing Machine. He has been gone for more than 20 years now, but I think of him often.

Another friend has compiled and added lists of resources for fabric, wools & threads from all over the world, which is such an amazing feat and the time it has taken her to do all of this is SO appreciated. Thank you again Sandi! ❤️

So if you love hand stitching or want to learn how, come and join us.

In other news I am making headway on my Otter Needle Roll. (This is the needle roll I designed and am now re-making, while following my own instructions, as best I can. Which is saying something considering how hard it is for me to follow instructions, even if they are my own!) I have now completed the front and am working away on the back, which is the needle label side. A friend told me about their label maker and so I purchased one and review it here. *Spoiler alert* I absolutely LOVE it! I purchased iron-on fabric labels, and am using them for all my needle labels. Huge time saver as I really dislike hand sewing or even machine sewing all those needle labels down. Now, that’s no longer an issue!

I am also looking into making my needle roll instructions and PDF files into a physical book that people can purchase on Amazon and other places. This idea will take a bit more time to pull together, particularly as I am also trying to redo my website, have four other designs I am working on, am trying to spend a few hours every day writing my Left Handed Stitching book and am also continuing to shot, edit and post videos on YouTube Monday – Friday. Taking a breath. It’s a lot, but I’ve never been happier!

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