Laughter, YouTube & A Handmade Needle Roll!

During these times of uncertainty I find I am rethinking my “I hate the opera” proclamations of the past, having been moved to tears listening to Maurizio Marchini serenading his fellow Florentines from his balcony during the lockdown. I cannot listen to this man without crying.

And then there are those crazy goats… what’s going on there? They’re just so happy. My husband follows a number of goat accounts on Instagram, as do I now. There’s even a hashtag “Happy Goats” and on YouTube millions of people have watched videos like this one, because who doesn’t love watching baby goats frolicking about?

Which leads me to otters. I adore them. I’ve had a photo of a sea otter on my desktop for months now. And after doing a bit of research I learned that they love eating sea urchins, which proliferate if left untouched. So, it turns out, sea otters help the ocean’s eco-system by eating sea urchins. Just one more reason to love those little rascals. Look at him. He is SO cute!

A few weeks ago someone mentioned they wanted a needle roll and I thought – Perfect for my Sea Otter! I began designing one and added a couple of sea urchins. My needle roll is now available in my Etsy Shop, click ‘here‘ and includes templates and colored pattern for both left handed and right handed design as well as a 20 page Instruction booklet filled with color photographs. As I was designing I asked my YouTube Subscribers what kind of closure they preferred and the overwhelming choice was a ribbon tie. So I made my needle roll with a ribbon tie. A magnetic closure was a distant second, but I need to do a little more research and experimentation before I can incorporate that into a design.

As I designed and began creating, I video taped the whole process. I have more than 7 hours of video to edit, but released the first of many, this morning, on my YouTube Channel, On the Other Hand.

Happy stitching, and if you don’t stitch then happy whatever you do love doing, including opera. ❤️

12 thoughts on “Laughter, YouTube & A Handmade Needle Roll!

  1. This a lovely post Ariane. Sea otters are very prolific on our coast and sometimes are rescued and live out their days at the Vancouver Aquarium. Her is a video that went viral a few years ago of a pair sleeping and hold hands.

    Your roll is lovely.

    And meet Hardy a pup rescued.

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    1. Okay, so these two videos just took my love for Sea Otters to a whole new level. They are so CUTE!!! And holding hands… seriously, adorable. Thank you so much for sending!! ❤️


  2. Your needle roll is lovely Ariane. Love the leaping goat. The opera singer is wonderful.

    We have a proliferation of sea otters on the west coast. Sometimes the require rescue and live their days out at the Vancouver Aquarium.

    Here is Hardy a pup.

    And the famous viral video of the sleeping hand holding ones also st the Vancouver Aquarium.

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  3. Hi Ariana,
    Have you had any tips on your search you publishing your book. My daughter (of 26) plays with writing but has not been serious enough to look at publishing. She does slot of blog writing. But I came across in interesting sight and thought of you. “craft and Maker” Creativelive blog. A Crafter’s Guid to getting published. Anyway just playing around trying to motivate my daughter.
    Joyce Breeden

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    1. Hi Joyce, yes, I’ve had some good advice from several different people, all of whom have published patterns, designs, etc. I’m also getting help from my husband who has an advertising agency and a small publishing company. So between all of that, it looks like I’ll be able to do this. Now it’s just a matter of carving out the time!


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