Staying Home & Creating

For seven days I did not step foot outside our loft. Since the pandemic became known as such, I have ventured out only occasionally. So it shouldn’t come as any surprise that I tested negative to having COVID19 antibodies, and yet, weirdly I was. And perhaps even odder, I felt both relieved and disappointed simultaneously. Disappointed because knowing that I’d been exposed, and weathered it, would have given me some degree of comfort, but now, knowing that I have not, makes me even more inclined to continue my #stayhomestaysafe poster girl endeavors.

Looking south to the Freedom Tower on a beautiful day in Manhattan

Of course there’s always the possibility that the vile of blood I gave was switched mistakenly with someone else’s or the test itself could have given a false negative or… But if I’m being reasonable, chances are I have not been infected. Which is a little surprising considering that I live in New York City, with a population of over 8.5 million people, making each and every one of us likely super spreaders simply by going about our daily routine. A routine that might include, depending upon how active we are, all, or at least a few, of the following: gym, errands such as the post office, grocery shopping, work related meetings, entertainment related outings such as a Broadway show, dance performance, music concert, museum, art gallery, walking the High Line, having dinner with friends or any number of other things one might do in this vibrant, beautiful city I call home.

Looking north to the Empire State Building last Sunday

Everywhere one looks, spring is on full display, inspiring me to think of designs and stitches and colors and shapes.

The beauty of our world continues even as this pandemic rages on. And so does the artistry and creative expression of our fellow humans. My mother sent this to me the other day… Evidently a librarian arranged these books to be read from left to right.

And here are a few of my latest circles that I have been designing, using Sue Spargo’s #Instastitchwithsue project as inspiration for a wool applique 1″ circle and the stitches and threads that embellish it. As Sue will be removing her videos from instagram once the 90 days are over, I have been using my videos to explore threads, stitches and the creative process.

Stay safe everyone and keep creating!

12 thoughts on “Staying Home & Creating

      1. Hi Ariane, I, too, loved the bookcase image and posted it on my blog along with links to your blog and Youtube channel. Thank you for all that you do as it is truly, truly appreciated.
        Stay safe, strong, healthy, and creative. 🙂


  1. Thank your mother for sending on those book titles. It is amazing what a librarian or someone with lots of books and lots of time can do. Everyone can be creative!

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  2. Lovely to see New York City celebrating Spring. We are expecting out temperatures to hit the night 70’s this weekend. Be careful now that your country is starting to open up. Be kind. Be safe. Be kind.

    Take care of yourself Ariane. Love that picture, if not a librarian a book store owner! Thank your mom for sharing that delightful picture.

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  3. What a wonderfully clever librarian. We’re behind you in spring blooms. My south lawn by the house is it’s usual light purple-white- dark purple field of violets and deep green leaves. But the apple trees, lilac trees are plump buds. Even the mulberry trees are still only optimistic buds. My peonies are their beautiful burgundy stems with dark green but easily a couple of weeks from blooming, We’ll get there! Really enjoying your blog.

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