I Received An Artist-in-Residence Grant!!!

I am going to France to be an Artist-in-Residence end of July, and have received The bDenis Diderot [A-i-R] Grant, which is so thrilling I can barely contain my excitement. I’ve been holding off on blogging about this, because things are so crazy right now and I needed reassurance that if I was restricted from travelling I would be allowed to go at another time. Having now received that assurance, I can tell all of you.

Chateau D’Oquevaux is a spectacularly beautiful place. To view a video of it, click here or just look at these photographs!

Chateau D’Orquevaux
Chateau D’Orquevaux
Hunting Salon
South Gatehouse

Just three hours from Paris, I am hoping to see some old friends before going to my residency. I will certainly be shooting lots of YouTube videos while I’m there! Which, if you haven’t headed over to my YouTube Channel – Ariane Zurcher – On The Other Hand – and watched any of my videos, please do! I’m posting a few a week. My latest one was How To: Open Buttonhole Filler Stitch, and the one before that is, How To Make Hexies! (Bonus: using non-traditional fabrics)

My How To Make Hexies Tutorial with bonus instructions on how to use non-traditional fabrics for hexies.

10 thoughts on “I Received An Artist-in-Residence Grant!!!

  1. Oh how wonderful for you! So very exciting that you don’t have to miss out on such an opportunity. The photos are lovely and I know you will make the most of your experience and your time in France. Congratulations, Ariane.


  2. I am so thrilled and proud to be related to you! It looks very grand and beautiful. I think you’ll fun being the Artist-in-Residence there. Be sure to take lots of photos. ❤️ Mom

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    1. I will be shooting videos of my time there. At least that’s my plan and posting them on my YouTube Channel. I’m just SO excited. I feel the same about YOU, by the way… So proud to be your daughter. ❤


  3. My goodness when reading your bio and now this I’m wondering why you are taking a back seat! You are a true designer and should be blowing your own horn. What a great experience this will be. Your left handed videos are over the top professional and I hope you will continue with them thank you. Joyce

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